Become a Shareholder

BKBG Makes Running a Showroom Easier

Enjoy a Support Network Like None Other

Why continue to fight the competition alone? BKBG Shareholders work together to identify best practices, take advantage of what's trending in their markets and serve as sounding boards to help fellow shareholders improve their businesses. Staff arranges open discussion meetings at the BKBG Annual Conference and is always there to help Shareholders gain constructive input on pressing issues and wild ideas. BKBG Shareholders are fiercely independent, but they also come together to act as a single entity for mutual benefit. The more we all buy, the more we receive each quarter.

Solve Problems More Quickly

Tired of chasing your vendors for help on day-to-day field issues? BKBG Preferred Vendors view each Shareholder as one of its largest customers because BKBG represents more than 150 showrooms. If you have an issue, typically your contact is the manufacturer’s owner or national sales manager.

Sell More

Still waiting for the local rep to tell you and your team what’s new? Don’t you hate it when your customers and competitors know something before you do? BKBG works with its Preferred Vendors and Shareholders to keep you and your team up-to-date. Every week BKBG emails news on new product offerings, program changes and what’s happening in the kitchen and bath industry.

Increase Margins and Profitability

BKBG leverages the purchasing power of 150 independent kitchen and bath showrooms that enable its shareholders to buy better and receive more favorable terms, freight, displays and quarterly cash rebates from nearly 50 best-in-class manufacturers.

Grow Your Business

BKBG’s helps its Shareholders grow their businesses through advisory services that employ trade-area analytics to identify underserved and new market opportunities. These services help shareholders to optimize showroom operations, marketing spends, customer experiences and business and sales processes. Shareholders that take advantage of these services report increased margins, business growth, improved team member morale, increased efficiency and productivity and a significant rise in referral business. BKBG is truly a trusted growth partner for kitchen and bath showrooms.


To obtain a Shareholder application, please contact Jennifer Swenson at 412-337-6624, email or complete this form.