A Recipe to Make Your Showroom the Destination of Choice

A Recipe to Make Your Showroom the Destination of Choice

Follow this four-step recipe to make your showroom a destination of choice:

First, understand your customer’s goals and showcase why your showroom is best suited to meet those goals.

Second, be crystal clear in your messaging. This requires creating realistic expectations for your customers. It might include explaining to customers that during the renovation process they are going to become frustrated because things may not go as smoothly as they would like. Let your customers know that they may want to curse you or your suppliers because of circumstances completely beyond your control. However, when the project is completed, they will celebrate daily a space that gives them joy and makes them smile every time they cross the threshold.

Third, keep it simple. Make everything succinct and easily understood.

Fourth, repeat what you are going to do over and over. Make your message tweetable. Make it stick.

When you understand goals, are crystal clear in your messaging, set realistic expectations and repeat your messaging consistently, you can create a memorable experience for your customers and one that they will relate to others. Bottom line is that you need to make it easy to buy new kitchens and baths from your showroom.


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