Better Communicate Your Brand Value

Better Communicate Your Brand Value

Harley Davidson’s brand is one of the most valued and recognized in the world. Why else would many of its customers tattoo the company’s logo to their bodies? Harley Davidson customers’ brand affinity has little to do with horsepower, handle bar configuration or time it takes to go 0 to 60 miles an hour. Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin brilliantly summarized the appeal of Harley Davidson’s brand in their book Radical Marketing. They wrote that Harley Davidson represents, “a lifestyle, a work of art and an emotional connection to a widespread and unique community.” If you ever speak to a Harley owner and ask them why they chose the brand, they will most likely reference the feeling they get when they ride their bike.

Feelings are more important than number of finishes or door styles. Value demonstrated is more powerful than value explained, because demonstrating how a new kitchen or bath will make your customer feel reflects the customer’s dreams, solves their problems and makes them feel like they have come to the right place. There’s no doubt that customers need to know how their new kitchen will function, they need to understand special features and benefits, unique storage solutions and opportunities for improved efficiencies. More important however, is how your products and services will change your customers’ lives for the better.

Communicate the value you can bring to a project by relating the number of kitchens that you have designed and the profile of your typical customer. No one buys even a pair of socks before checking on Google to see which pair may be best suited for their individual needs. What is preventing you from writing product reviews on your website for prospects and customers to read and evaluate? Similarly, your website and social media pages should be filled with satisfied customer testimonials. Do you ask your customers to send you pictures and videos of their new kitchens and baths that you designed for them? Do you take before and after pictures and videos of your projects and post on your website? If the answer is no, why not? Showing is better than telling. Publish white papers, buying guides and budget calculators on your website that showcase your skills and expertise. When marketing expert Marcus Sheridan spoke at the BKBG Annual Conference he suggested that you use your website to answer the questions your customers ask most often, starting with, how much does a new kitchen or bath cost?


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