Better Customer Connections

Better Customer Connections

Every Shareholder we talk to has the world-class problem of being overwhelmed with demand.  When you are literally running like a headless chicken, it’s challenging to step back, take a deep breath and consistently provide customer experiences and interactions that positively reflects your brand.  Former BKBG Conference workshop leader, the retail doctor, Bob Phibbs offers the following quick suggestions to better communicate and connect with prospects and customers.

  1. Greet each customer within 15 seconds of entering the showroom. It does not have to be an elevator speech or an attempt to start a conversation.  A quick hello.  Thank you for visiting today.  
  2. Reinforce to your sales team that listening is more important than speaking.  If you ask customers, “how are you?” they will respond and let you know why they came to the showroom.
  3. Look through the customers lens.  To connect with customers and earn trust, you need to be more interested in the customer that has entered the showroom than yourself.
  4. You are not a salesperson.  Instead, consider yourself a curator and teacher. Showroom customers want and need affirmation.  They want to feel confident in their knowledge and ability to make the right decisions for their project.  They need for showrooms to make them smarter.  Showrooms can earn trust by teaching their customers to trust themselves by providing information and resources that make decision making and working with a showroom easier.
  5. Don’t shy away from risk.  Customers coming to a showroom expect to spend a lot of money.  New kitchens and baths are not inexpensive purchases.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a budget early in the conversation to determine if it is realistic for accomplishing their goals and to help determine what might be most important for their project.  Asking for a budget also provides unique insight into customer expectations.  


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