Bringing More Passion to the Showroom

Bringing More Passion to the Showroom

Many BKBG Shareholders are passionate about design and creating dream kitchens for their clients. Imagine your showroom's performance if every team member possessed the same passion? The Deloitte Center for the Edge has identified three attributes of passionate people. The first is the passion of an explorer who is constantly looking to improve his or her performance. The characteristics of the explorer include:

  • A long-term commitment to increasing one’s impact in a specific area such as kitchen design.
  • A quest for new challenges and learning opportunities.
  • Seeking connections with others who can assist with challenges.

Deloitte found more than half of all workers have at least one of the attributes. Showrooms can help their team members increase their passion for work by providing opportunities to connect with coworkers and creating systems for experimenting. This is accomplished by promoting more teamwork, prototypes and feedback.

Showrooms can create more powerful connections among team members by making it easier for them to collaborate and connect with peers outside of the showroom. That’s one of the goals of BKBG’s newly established Designer Connection Program that will enable your designers to connect with peers in other BKBG shareholder showrooms. Click here to sign up your designers to be part of the program.

Another technique to bring more passion to the showroom is to encourage creative thinking by asking team members open-ended questions that provide a sense of higher purpose, such as why should customers select our showroom over the competitor or home center down the street? Finally, set and track milestones and goals. Encouraging team members to think about the long-term can improve their performance, commitment and passion.


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