Building a Brand that Your Customers Trust

Building a Brand that Your Customers Trust

Deloitte Insights recently published Global Marketing Trends 2021 that identified top trends that will distinguish leading brands from two surveys of consumers and senior executives.

  1. The brands know their why. Most businesses can describe what they do and how they provide products and services, but few can explain why they do what they do. The why for many showrooms is to make a positive difference in their clients' and customers' lives. You are not simply creating new kitchens and baths; you are making dreams come true, improving family cohesiveness and improving lifestyles. When you explain the why to your team, they understand the underlying motivation for the tasks they perform.
  2. Brands need to be agile. Consider the pivots that you took when your customer base was under stay-at-home orders. From developing webinars that explain the remodeling process to creating tools that enabled clients to measure their kitchens and baths, showrooms became flexible, responding on a dime to a changing consumer dynamic.
  3. Making human connections has become more important than speed or efficiency. It’s the difference between choosing the cheapest flight or the safest one.
  4. Delivering on time as promised. That’s how trust is established and maintained.
  5. Deeper customer engagement. Being proactive and providing the tools that your customers and community need to make the best decisions. You answer the questions customers ask most often. You create content that is relevant and meaningful.
  6. Seek innovative business partnerships that provide value add to your customers.
  7. Transform your team to build their skillset and enhance their sense of personal and professional accomplishment.


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