Can Silence Be Golden?

Can Silence Be Golden?

Current business volume, challenges and stresses continue to blur the lines between work and play.  If you asked members of your team or even yourself, are you taking sufficient time to decompress, what would you or they say?  If the answer is no, then you may want to consider silence as a means to refocus and recharge.  According to Vijay Eswaran, author of In The Sphere of Silence, silence allows you to channel your energy, gives the clarity to face challenges and uncertainty and declutter your thought processes.

Eswaran’s Sphere of Silence encourages you to spend one hour of every day by yourself in a space where all devices are muted or out of reach and you cannot be distracted by the outside world.  He breaks down the Sphere into three timeframes.  During the first 30 minutes, spend the first 10 minutes writing down short-, medium and long-term goals.  Use the next 10 minutes to evaluate how far you have come to achieve the goals you identified the previous day and the next 10 minutes determining why daily or short-term goals have not been realized.

The second phase of the Sphere of Silence is spending 10 minutes reading a book or articles that teach new things followed by writing down a summary of what you read in the next 10 minutes.

The final 10 minutes of the hour should be used to self-reflect.  Eswaran compares it to the cooldown period after exercise.  

Spending a silent hour every day for three weeks, it will change the way you perceive the world, start to acquire an intense insight into everything you do and find a greater sense of balance, according to In The Sphere of Silence.  

There’s such much noise that we encounter every day from emails, calls, tweets, posts, texts and so on.  Taking an hour a day for yourself will boost your confidence, build trust in your decisions and enable you to make order out of chaos more easily and to better control the remaining 23 hours of the day. 


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