Capitalizing on Good Times to Become The Long-Term Destination of Choice

Capitalizing on Good Times to Become The Long-Term Destination of Choice

During times of economic uncertainly such as the start of a pandemic when no one had a working crystal ball, people reverted to instinct.  They let the left side of the brain take over.  They forgot about goods and simply focused on saving what they had and surviving the unknown.  That’s it.  They rarely took time to do something extravagant or purchase a special item. 

Now that perceptions appear to be much more positive, people’s attitudes point toward a light at the end of this economic tunnel.  The renovation industry is experiencing a dream market that few previously imagined.  People who have been stuck in their homes for more than a year, want and need their homes to perform better.  They are now on a search to find the best solutions for their families.

Now it is time to get the word out even if you are busier than you have ever been before.  Let your customers and your target market know that you are the best place for new kitchens, baths and other rooms in their home.  You most likely have told them this in the past but it never hurts to remind people how good you are and that you are still around to fulfill their needs.  This is not the time for humility. Let’s be honest, people do not think of renovating a kitchen or bath every day and they really do not purchase it that often.  However, at no time in recent memory have kitchens, baths and the home been more top of mind. You need to get your brand in their face with a fresh look and remind them of your business.  Tell them why you are in business, how you do it better than all the rest and finally what it is about your showroom designers and your product mix that will make sure they have the right customized package for their jobs.

In speaking with Shareholders, we find that many showrooms can be more selective in pursuing projects and have become much more adept at limiting time with tire kickers.  Should not this be the case when business returns to whatever a new state of normal may look like? Would you not prefer never have to compromise to tire kickers and that your clientele will never mind waiting three to four months to being their project because you are worth the wait?  The clients that you want may not know what your business is best at even though it may be obvious to you.  To become an even more important and valued destination of choice, you need your prospective clients to hear what you are all about and conclude that your showroom is the best at what you do.  

This time creates unique opportunities to create desire in the minds of your prospects and builders/trade customers to rely on your showroom for their projects even if you can’t start them for the next four to six months.  Caucus with your team to determine what make you sing so proudly and why you are the best solution for your customer base.

Please do not rely on the beauty of your showroom, past successes or your current backlog to create word of mouth to tell your story.  Word of mouth may well have been the foundation of your growth in the past, but relying on other people to tell your story is not a good strategy.  At best, it is blind hope.  

You need to tell your story to your targeted audience in the most effective manner.  A manner in which you control the message and know if it is looked at, read and acted upon.  Start where you clients start:


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