Content's Hierarchy of Needs

Content's Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslov developed a hierarchy of human needs. At the base are the need for basic necessities such as food, shelter and security. Those need to be satisfied before moving on to other human needs, such as relationships and self-actualization.

Marketing expert Mark Schaefer recently used Maslov’s hierarchy to help businesses best employ content.

At the base of the content marketing needs pyramid is the need to answer questions. As Marcus Sheridan explained at the 2015 BKBG Conference, one of the most effective tools to drive traffic to your website and social media platforms is to answer your customers' frequently asked questions most often, such as how much does a new kitchen cost? Answer questions can be limiting however because once someone has an answer, what is the reason to stay on the site or return?

The second rung of the content marketing pyramid is to teach. You can use the BKBG Call to Action guides to teach your customers and prospects how to select cabinets, countertops and storage solutions, prepare for a showroom visit or survive and thrive during the renovation process.

The third rung of the content market pyramid is emotional connection. Emotional content connects customers more deeply and converts them from purchasers to raving fans. Apple and Starbucks are two iconic brands that have established emotional connections with their customers. You most likely have customers who can’t thank you enough for creating a dream space in their home. Leverage their "love" through video testimonials and open houses for neighbors and friends to drive more traffic to your website and showroom.

Inspiration is the final rung of the content marketing hierarchy of needs. Content that inspires prospects to act and stand up and take notice. Inspirational content may be dramatic before and after images, innovative design that most others cannot develop or awe-inspiring testimonials from satisfied customers.

BKBG Shareholders are in competitive markets, making it essential to capitalize on opportunities to differentiate based on the content marketing hierarchy of needs.


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