Create a Better Email List

Create a Better Email List

Weekly, BKBG provides Shareholders with content in the Elevation Blog. The information in the Elevation Blog posts is likely of interest to your existing and prospective clients. The material is a tool that will help you appear on the first page of Google searches without having to pay for Ad Words, and you can use it to build your email list. Did you know that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective mediums to promote your brand? A recent study found that email marketing that works generates $50 in return on investment for every one dollar invested. With a 50 to1 ROI, it makes sense to build your email list. Here are several suggestions for doing so: 

  • Add a button to your website that gives visitors the opportunity to sign up to receive your blog posts.
  • There are a few readers who are likely to use the button mentioned above to subscribe to your blog; therefore, a more effective technique is to offer readers valuable information in exchange for their email address. BKBG developed its Call to Action Guides to help you help your existing and potential clients by providing the information that they need to make better purchasing decisions or to alleviate the stress associated with win home renovations. Several savvy BKBG Shareholders have added buttons to their websites that offer visitors an opportunity to receive a guide related to the renovation process. When visitors click on that button, they are required to give their name, email address and sometimes phone number to receive the guide. On that same form, you can include a checkbox to sign up for the blog.
  • Another technique to build your email list is to reference the Call to Action Guides in your blog content. To help you, in the Elevation Blog, when we write about countertops, preparing for a renovation, showroom expectations or any number of topics, we highlight the opportunities for you to link to the Guides. Again, that encourages the reader to download more information in exchange for their name, email and phone number. 
  • You can use interest in a Call to Action Guide to build a drip campaign that will help you build trust with potential clients and determine where they are in the buying journey. For example, two weeks after someone requests the guide to budget for their new kitchen, an email can be automatically sent that asks the recipient if they would like to receive a guide for selecting cabinets. If the recipient is interested, you can request more information such as a timetable for the renovation or estimated budget. The cabinet guide email can be followed up with one that offers access to the countertop guide followed by how to prepare for a showroom visit, etc. 

We are all inundated with unwanted email, and that's why it is essential to ask for permission to send information and always to provide the option to opt out. Delivering content that makes the buying journey easier establishes deep trust in an era of too much information. If you would like additional ideas for maximizing the benefit of the BKBG Elevation Blog and Call to Action Guides, email or call Tom at 301-968-0063.


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