Create More Raving Fans

Create More Raving Fans

Positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals are gold to kitchen and bath showrooms. Imagine what your bottom line would look like if every one of your customers posted a positive review on Yelp or raved about the quality of your service and products to friends, neighbors and coworkers? Referrals can happen naturally or you can create them. Consider the following:

Deliver. Make sure that you deliver on promises made and when problems occur don’t run or hide. Use mistakes as opportunities to shine.

Solve customers' problems. You know problems that need to be solved in the renovation of a kitchen or bath. If you want to gain more referrals, make sure you know as much about your customers as possible, because birds of a feather flock together. Your customer’s neighbors, peers and friends will tend to be similar with similar needs, tastes and problems.

Create experiences. Host a lunch, brunch or dinner party in your customers’ homes and ask them to invite neighbors and friends to showcase their new kitchen. Partner with local restaurant chefs to hold cooking classes in your showroom.

Promote your customer’s contributions and accomplishments. Ask permission to take before and after pictures and videos. Post them on your website and social media outlets. Create case histories that you can issue to prospects.

Ask for help. Many of your most satisfied customers will gladly provide a referral if you ask them to do so.


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