Create Raving Fans

Create Raving Fans

Referrals and word of mouth are the most effective marketing mediums for kitchen and bath showrooms.  To create a raving fan that refers your showroom to friends, families, colleagues and others that are considering a renovation requires exceeding expectations at almost all phases of the customer journey.  

Step 1:  Recognize that you don’t “sell” cabinets, countertops, kitchens or even design and renovation services.  What you offer is the opportunity for your customers to improve their lives.  This can only occur if you establish a trusting relationship.  Trusting relationships occur when you ask the right questions, actively listen to responses and make the journey easy and pleasurable.  

Step 2:  Educate.  Answer the questions you know that your customers ask most often such as how much should a new kitchen cost? What makes one type of cabinet superior to another? how long will the process take and so on.  BKBG makes it easy to help showrooms educate their customers by offering 10 smart purchasing guides that can be customized to reflect each Shareholder’s brand and contact information.

Step 3:  Showcase the latest and greatest.  Most customers want to have access to the newest products, trends and technologies.  

Step 4:  Personalize the customer journey.  Customers come to a showroom for a reason.  They want and need your expertise. They want to be assured that the design and products they select are the best choices for their project.  Your presentation should reflect the specific requirements of each customer.

Step 5: Remember to thank customers for their trust and support.  There are numerous ways to say thank you.  Provide a personalized gift at the conclusion of a project, offer to cater a meal for the customer and friends and/or neighbors at the conclusion of the project to “break in” their new kitchen, ask permission to showcase their project on your marketing materials or send a hand-written, heartfelt note.  


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