Creating a Best-In-Class Employee Experience

Creating a Best-In-Class Employee Experience

How do you make your showroom a place where people really want to work instead of a place to earn a living? According to the author of The Employee Experience Advantage Jacob Morgan, becoming a go-to employment destination requires providing superior cultural, technological and physical employee experiences. Morgan found that companies that made the largest investment in employee experiences showed up 28 times more among Fast Company magazine’s most innovative companies list and 11.5 times as often in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work. Experiential organizations also had four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue of companies that did not make similar investments. They were also 25 percent smaller, suggesting they are more productive and innovative.

Adobe and Linked-In are two organizations making the investment in employee engagement. Adobe has an Executive Vice President of customer and employee experience responsible for investing in real-time employee feedback programs, diversity, inclusion and providing access to consumer-grade technologies. LinkedIn allows its employees to break down and recreate human resource functions to reflect work that team members actually perform. Airbnb constantly changes its workplace floor plans, enabling employees to design and build their own conference rooms within a specified budget.

Morgan says that key is to focus on how your employees and customers experience your showroom daily. This requires changing from the old showroom model of featuring as many products as possible, redesigning the space and practices around your team members


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