Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

Most people, given the right circumstances will do the right things, claims Dr. James Doty, a clinical professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University and founding director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. In a recent podcast, Dr. Doty gave new meaning of being a hero. “Being a hero doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump off a bridge into freezing water and pull somebody out of the water. Being a hero can simply mean recognizing a situation where somebody is at risk and making the effort to go and help them.” An act of heroism can be as simple as helping a senior citizen to cross the street or standing up to someone is who bullying a coworker or friend.

Doty’s definition of hero made me reflect on the most recent BKBG Conference. Almost everyone who works in a BKBG showroom is a hero. Consider how often and how many of your team members go above and beyond a job description to solve a problem, to craft an innovative solution or to make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.

BKBG has a vast resource of heroes. BKBG President Marlene Ketchen is a hero. She bleeds BKBG, and won’t allow a manufacturer that is not invested in the organization into her showroom. BKBG Vice President Frank Morris is a hero. As chair of the Vendor Committee, Frank spends countless hours seeking opportunities to create additional value for BKBG Preferred Partners and Shareholders. BKBG Vice President Ed Kuh is a hero, bringing business acumen and insight that help improve the organization’s operations daily. BKBG Treasurer Nancy Muller is a hero for her passionate oversight of BKBG financial operations helping to assure complete transparency and that every penny that BKBG spends is properly accounted for. Everyone who serves on the BKBG Board of Directors is a hero because daily they make the effort to help fellow Shareholders, their team members, clients and others. BKBG Conference keynote speaker Kevin Hancock is a hero because he developed a new paradigm of leadership and effectiveness for his ten lumber yards, three sawmills and four kitchen and bath showrooms by focusing on improving the lives of Hancock employees.

Most BKBG Shareholders perform heroic acts daily and that’s why BKBG has programs, activities and communities to recognize them. Our community and organization will continue to build strength and deliver additional benefits that help make heroism commonplace.


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