Getting More Stuff Done in Less Time

Getting More Stuff Done in Less Time
There are not too many BKBG Shareholders or Preferred Partners that have too little to do. To start the new year off on a more productive footing, consider the following. 

Determine what the goal is before undertaking a significant project or task. If a builder calls and asks you to propose on a project, first determine the scope of the project, potential budget and who will review the final submission. In some cases, the project will be budget driven, e.g., the builder may only have the budget for a stock cabinet. Others may want custom proposals. Determine what the expectation and goals are before starting the response.

Don't reinvent wheels unless the task or project requires original content. Determine past work products that may fit upcoming projects. 

Use checklists and templates to plow through routine tasks. Templates may work for financial reporting and communication, weekly progress reports, presentations and/or meeting agendas. To increase meeting productivity, issue the agenda in advance and include the status of each item along with the expectations of attendees. 

Don't take the time to write an analysis or draw a design concept if you can communicate your ideas orally. 

Establish deadlines for your work. Determine how much time you need to dedicate to preliminary designs, proposals, final designs, etc., and then stick to your established schedule. Establishing deadlines and creating time block commitments won't necessarily guarantee that you will meet your goals 100 percent, but it is likely to improve your focus. Time is comparable to space. You are likely to use as much as you are given if there are no constraints.



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