Hiring a Showroom Manager Is Not Easy

Hiring a Showroom Manager Is Not Easy

If you have a sales team, they need to be managed, and that responsibility generally is assigned to your showroom manager. And, did you know that half of all sales managers hired by the 100 largest manufacturing companies do not last more than three years. That statistic reveals that for large companies with dedicated HR teams and well-defined recruitment processes indicates one of two issues: effective sales managers are difficult to hire, or the hiring process for sales managers is broken or maybe a combination of both. 

Most kitchen and bath showrooms don’t have dedicated HR teams that are responsible for attracting, vetting and retaining best-in-class talent. The hiring process is typically delegated to the owner. The key to hiring a showroom or sales manager involves the following:

  • Profiling: Identifying the characteristics and skill sets the showroom manager need.
  • Selecting: Properly vetting candidates and selecting the person who best fits the corporate culture and profile.
  • Attracting: Making offers that qualified candidates can’t refuse.
  • Integrating: Avoid throwing your new manager in the deep end. Help your new manager get off to a strong start.

Developing the profile should include an evaluation of a candidate’s ability to learn, grow and adapt to a new position and situations. These abilities are more important than experience and skill set.

If you hire an entrepreneurial showroom manager to operate a business that is process driven and autocratic in its decision making, you will be mixing oil with water. It won’t work. The hiring process needs to account for your corporate culture, and if the person retained to run your day-to-day operations will fit in that culture.

HR guru Ed Ryan advises never to hire the tallest pygmy. Don’t settle for anyone except the ideal candidate. And the way to ensure that your candidate is perfect is through a rigorous interviewing and vetting process. Remember that you are not the only one evaluating. Your candidate is evaluating your showroom and determining if it is the right fit. You can’t determine if a candidate is a right fit from one interview. 

The final piece of the successful hiring puzzle is to effectively onboard your new showroom manager. Integrating the new manager into your showroom operations is a multitasked effort that needs to include introductions to the entire team, key clients and others in your organization who can help the new manager learn the ropes of the business. 


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