How Often Should You Send Emails?

How Often Should You Send Emails?

How often should you email customers and prospects?  That depends on the goals you want to achieve from an email campaign.  A goal might be to drive traffic to a blog.  If you don’t have time or the inclination to blog, that’s not a problem.  BKBG produces a weekly blog (see below) that is easily customized to use as your own. Shareholders that use the BKBG blog receive an average of more than 1,200 views per week.  

If the goal is to drive more traffic to your showroom, frequency and messaging needs to focus on information and guidance that customers need.  This may include guides to budget for their kitchen remodel, understand cabinet differences, what to expect from a showroom or prepare for a showroom visit, among other topics that make the customer journey easier.  

Frequency and email content are most effective when they parallel the customer journey.  Typically, a journey involves three stages:  Awareness. Consideration. Decision. These three stages require different messaging.  

A key to effective email marketing is to personalize messages when possible and there are numerous software programs that can help you address emails to a person’s name as opposed to valued customer or homeowner.  

Email frequency is not an exact science.  There’s a fine line between not enough and overwhelming.  Consider providing your target market the option of determining the frequency that meets their needs.  Include a link that enables recipients to determine their email preferences.  

Meaningful content is the most important factor in determining email frequency.  Don’t simply send an email for the sake of emailing.  Provide information that is useful to your email recipients and remember that one size-fits-all does not work.  


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