How Showrooms Can Emulate Apple

How Showrooms Can Emulate Apple

Have you ever noticed how crowded Apple Stores always are? It does not matter the location, enter an Apple Store, and swarms of people will surround you. Apple Stores attract crowds because going to an Apple Store is enjoyable. The open environment features lots of room and lots of products that anyone can test drive.

Apple provides pleasurable experiences by offering:

  • A place to learn
  • A place to congregate
  • A place to serve

It’s amazing how much time busy professionals take to research kitchen and bath products before coming to a showroom. Apple makes it easy for its customers to learn about its products in the showroom and online.

BKBG Shareholders can do the same. That's one of the reasons we developed ten ebooks for showrooms to use on their website and in their showrooms that explain to customers how to purchase more intelligently and to answer commonly asked questions (click here to request information on customizing BKBG’s ebooks for your showroom and website). Most of your customers don't have a clue about how to design a kitchen. This opens windows of opportunity for showrooms to offer classroom programs that explain the elements of a well-designed space, how to avoid the ten most common mistakes that blow renovation budgets, what's trending now and numerous other topics.

Showrooms can also be places to gather. What prevents your showroom from partnering with local chefs to offer cooking demonstrations or hold community fundraisers for local schools, charities or other worthwhile causes? The goal should be to create a place where members of your service territory want to come for purposes other than buying a new kitchen or bath.

As good as the store design is and the products are, Apple also excels as the basics of retail blocking and tackling. The genius bar is genius. If something goes wrong with an Apple product, you make an appointment and show up at your designated time to have it fixed. It’s easy. It's seamless, and it works.

Apple has mastered the basics of the meet and greet. Apple sales professionals don’t ask if they can help customers. They are trained to identify the problems that customers are trying to solve and then present solutions to solve them. Showrooms can emulate Apple’s approach by asking customers how they want their new kitchens and baths to feel every time they enter. By better understanding the emotions that customers want to reach with their remodel, your showroom and sales professional will be better positioned to exceed your client’s expectations.


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