How to Hold Prospects' Attention When Selling Virtually

How to Hold Prospects' Attention When Selling Virtually

How can you hold a prospect’s attention during a virtual sales call? First, recognize that you are potentially competing against multiple distractions such as your prospects multitasking, checking emails and instant messages and perform work while on the call.

Engaging with prospective clients and keeping their attention virtually requires a more strategic, focused and dynamic approach. Hit the ground running at the start of your video call. You need to be engaging. Ask lots of questions about the prospect’s wants, dreams and desires. Ask prospects to describe or show you their existing kitchen. Ask who uses the kitchen and for what purposes, where they go to be inspired and what would their dream kitchen would look and feel like. Let your prospective client know that you goal is to help them create the perfect kitchen for them and their family. You don't have a lot of time to make a positive first impression that keeps a prospect's attention. Make the most of the moments you do have by being engaging, inquisitive and friendly.

Use visuals during your conversation. Share your screen to show images that relate to the prospect's interest, such as photos of different kitchens in their neighborhood that you have designed. If short enough, no more than 60 seconds, show videos. Be judicious in your use of images. Use images to reinforce the benefits that prospects receive from trusting you to design the kitchen of their dreams.

Tell compelling stories that let your prospects envision what is possible, and remember that unlike a face-to-face meeting, virtual contact does not guarantee undivided attention.



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