How to Make Great First Impressions

How to Make Great First Impressions

When someone comes to your showroom unexpectedly, how you approach, greet and interact could be the difference between landing a new customer or watching them walk out the door. Idle chit chat most likely will not land you a new customer. When you approach don’t ask, “How are you doing?,” because the prospective customer most likely figures you couldn’t care less how he or she is doing. A much better approach is to say, “Welcome to our showroom. Please feel free to wander around. If you don’t mind, I’ll check back with you in a few minutes to answer any questions you may have.”

Another no-no is to talk about the weather. Discussing the weather is a waste of time. A better way to ingratiate yourself with customers is to compliment them on what they are wearing, a piece of jewelry or their hairstyle. Doing so reflects that you are not only observant, but you care about them personally.

Most initial visits to a showroom are information gathering expeditions. Most of your customers conduct research for more than six months before deciding to move forward with a renovation. A good approach would be to ask, “Which room in your home are you looking to make over?”

Avoid the temptation to ask about budget because most likely they might not have one or the figures in their head may be wholly unrealistic obtained from watching HGTV or the DYI network. Plus, people will spend up to three times their budget on things that they connect emotionally to. Think of your own habits. You will splurge on the things that you want the most and that make you feel the best. A better option when budget comes up is to relate that the showroom has a range of options with different prices. Try saying, “To ensure that your dreams are realized, would you mind if I give you a tour and explain the differences?”


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