Improve Remote Team Members' Productivity

Improve Remote Team Members' Productivity

Even though most every BKBG showroom has opened to the public, many have team members working remotely at least some of the time. The keys to keeping those who are working from home engaged and productive are as follows:

Make Personal Connections

Video conferencing and video calls are essential because it allows team members to hear verbal clues, intonations and inflections that you can’t obtain via an email or text. Even if you want to send a message to a team member, video the message instead of an email. It makes the connection more personal.


Schedule Routine Meetings

If you have a weekly staff meeting, make sure it is on everyone’s calendar for the same day at the same time. These are must-attend events that everyone on the team should know about well in advance. Other routine meetings may include one-on-one meetings with team members, weekly meetings between supervisors and direct reports or daily progress report meetings.


Use Messaging Instead of Email

Every one of your team members already receives too many emails. Use the message function on Slack or Teams for internal communications.


Agendas for Meetings

Prepare an agenda for each team meeting. Each agenda item should include a status update and expectations of team members. Encouraging your team members to submit agenda items in advance helps promote engagement and connection.


Timing Is Critical

It’s not only how you communicate that affects remote team member productivity, but timing also plays a significant role. If a team member is in the middle of kitchen design, sending a text message or email saps their creative focus. Whether you need to ask a question or want feedback on a new idea, consider when it would be the best time to issue your correspondence. Determine if it can wait for a regularly scheduled meeting or if it can be added to a staff meeting agenda.


Standardize Procedures for Remote Workers

If your showroom has standard operating procedures for when team members are physically in the showroom, have similar SOPs for remote operations.


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