Improve Your Social Media ROI

Improve Your Social Media ROI

There are many good reasons why social media is the primary medium businesses use to promote their offerings.  More than 70% of people who have a positive social media experience with a showroom will tell friends and family about the brand.  Social media is viewed as more credible, because it provides opportunities to become part of your customers’ lives with content that is meaningful to them even if some of that content is promotional.

Reviews make social media platforms more credible and your business more trustworthy.  Because search is almost exclusively local, a positive review serves as one neighbor endorsing your showroom to another neighbor.  Given the importance of social media to your brand and your marketing ROI, paying more attention and having a defined strategy can provide significant returns.

How do you determine the platforms and content that generate the biggest bang for the buck?  Look at the data. Every major social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter ­– provide data that enables you to determine effectiveness of your content.  At a minimum, check analytics monthly.  The data allows you to determine the age group, gender, location and even the time of day that your audience views your posts.  Using data can help you target posts to improve your reach and ROI.

Similar to having defined strategies to make it easy to do business with your showroom, create strategies that make it easy to find you on social media.  Use keywords, recognizable photos and images and simplify your user name make it easy to find your brand on social media.  Your links should direct potential customers to your website or a special landing page.  Not all platforms will perform the same.  Use analytics to determine where you are getting the greatest returns.  Also, look at where and what the competition posts.

Your showroom becomes more credible and trustworthy when you provide content that makes the customer journey easier.  That is why BKBG developed its smart purchasing guides that BKBG will customize for every Shareholder.  From creating a realistic budget to understanding the differences in countertops, cabinets and lighting, BKBG's guides answer the questions that your customers ask most often.  Another tactic to increase your social media ROI is to evaluate different media.  What type of posts are shared, saved or liked most often?  Do before and after pictures have the greatest impact?  Do videos produce more views than photos or copy?  Take advantage of the analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Hashtags and tags are additional tools to improve your social media effectiveness.  Successful practices include:

  • Avoid using hashtags that are commonplace and overused.
  • Use hashtags to promote your specialized expertise, e.g. kitchen remodel, bath remodel, mud room remodel, laundry room remodel, trustworthy contractor, etc.
  • Use hashtags to participate in local events that are relevant to your showroom.

If you are not comfortable using hashtags, is a search site that can provide guidance.

Encourage followers to tag their friends when you post especially when your content is inspiring, motivating or informative.  For example, “Tag friend who would simply love an in-home spa or a dream kitchen.”

Expanding your brand through social media is good for your business, is cost-effective and can generate significant returns if you focus on the platforms and content that provide the greatest returns. And doing that is easy because the data is readily available.


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