Making More Effective Decisions

Making More Effective Decisions

Everyone struggles to make tough decisions. Is there a process that can make tough decision making easier? The answer is yes according to management consultant Rick Houcek and he turns to Winston Churchill as his guide. Churchill is one of the most loved and loathed characters of the 20th Century. Credited with protecting England from Hitler’s onslaught in World War II, Churchill was forced to make thousands of life-death decisions. Churchill developed a process outlined in his book, Churchill on Leadership that he deemed “5 distinct truths” to make decisions:

  1. There is full authority to make the decision
  2. The is a reasonable prospect for success based on the decision made
  3. Greater interests are not compromised
  4. All possible care and forethought are exercised in the preparation
  5. All vigor and determination are shown in the execution

Houcek adds a sixth point:

  1. Adjust as you go as you can valuable new information.

Every day in the showroom you and your team make decisions. Brainstorm with fellow team members to identify the criteria you should follow to make more effective decisions. Churchill provides a road map. Will it work for you? If not, what will?


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