Making Offers More Appealing

Making Offers More Appealing

At some point when engaging with a client or customer, you need to ask for the sale. And when you do, look through the lens of your customer. What can you say or do that makes your offer a no-brainer? Here are four ideas to help close more sales.

  1. Describe how your proposal will benefit the customer. There’s few products in a showroom that aren’t available with a few clicks of a mouse. Customers come to showrooms for guidance on how the products you recommend will make them feel. Describe the benefits of owning a brand-new kitchen where customers can entertain family and friends, improve the quality of their life and enhance the value of their home.
  2. Focus on the health benefits, stress reducing attributes and other factors that will improve your customers’ lives.
  3. Cater to your customer’s wants and desires. Understand what they are looking for and relate why your solution meets those needs.
  4. Create a sense of urgency by describing why a decision should be made now instead of later. Describe timetables for different specialty finishes or customs solutions that have eight to 10-week timetables.

The two major reasons why a prospect will walk away without making a decision or deciding to buy are the offer was not sufficiently attractive (and that has little to do with price) or the timing was off.


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