Motivating Your Team

Motivating Your Team

Finding and retaining top talent remains one of the greatest challenges in the kitchen and bath showroom business. BKBG members may be able to greatly increase their recruitment and retention rates by framing the services that they provide to clients in a different light. A kitchen and bath showroom does so much more than build new spaces in homes. BKBG members help to improve quality of life for their clients. They make a positive difference, providing endless opportunities for family members to better connect with one another and build stronger relationships with neighbors and friends.

Reframing the context and importance of the products, services and experiences that kitchen and bath showrooms provide is more than just a shift in nomenclature. Today’s workforce, especially millennials, want to know that what they do has a purpose, meaning and the potential to make a difference. Providing and delivering on meaningful work translates to healthier, more productive, engaged and professionally fulfilled and productive team members.


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