New Strategies to Stand Out In a Sea of Noise

New Strategies to Stand Out In a Sea of Noise

There are not a lot of people who believe they don’t receive enough email. Yet, email remains the primary tool kitchen and bath showrooms to connect with prospects and customers.  How can you make your communication stand out in a sea of noise?  There are several keys.  Make sure that your emails and all communications are personal.  One of the great lessons that Eleven Madison Park founder Will Guidara learned in order to deliver unreasonable hospitality is that one size fits one.   

It's a lot easier to deliver a personal message than you may imagine.  As Locallogy’s Bryan Sirak notes, showrooms can deliver personal messages by remarketing. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows showrooms to show targeted ads to people who have already visited their website or interacted with the brand in some way. It helps showrooms reach potential customers who have shown interest in renovating their kitchens, baths or other rooms in their homes and will increase brand awareness and conversions. Another reason showrooms should consider remarketing is that it is cost effective. Remarketing campaigns have a lower cost per click than regular display advertising.  A Locallogy showroom client that invested in remarketing generated 1,700 visits that turned into five new customers.

Consumers have finally made sustainability a priority and a preference.  Are your marketing efforts, social media posts and web site additions focusing on sustainable products that you offer, energy- and water-efficient appliances that are available and design strategies that reduce the environmental footprint?  Your posts can emphasize that the popular belief that green products and practices do not cost more than conventional products.  Wellness was the number one priority of homeowners in a recent America at Home study.  The key is to educate your clients to eliminate misconceptions they have about sustainable design and products.

Encourage existing customers to be your brand ambassadors.  Social media thrives because likeminded people want to know what their friends and colleagues are up to.  Ask your clients to describe how they feel about their new kitchens and baths on their social media sites.  Keep your existing clients informed of new developments, products, approaches, innovations in your showroom.  Most clients are receptive to sharing “inside” information with their peer groups and to promote brands that have made their home more enjoyable and their lives easier.


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