Promote Your Brand to Attract and Retain Talent

Promote Your Brand to Attract and Retain Talent

Almost every BKBG Shareholder and Preferred Vendor Partner could use additional help. The ability to grow their business, improve margins and make operations easier and more rewarding are directly linked to their ability to attract and retain talent. The Great Resignation is real. Nineteen million workers quit their jobs between March and July 2021 and job openings surged to an all-time high of more than 10 million.  What can be done to attract and retain talent?  Promote your brand to attract employees in the same fashion that you promote your brand to attract new business.

The three primary components of a showroom’s brand focus on talent are reputation, proposition and experience, according to Bryan Adams, CEO of Ph. Creative, a branding agency.

Your showroom’s reputation is a major factor in any employment decision. Adams claims that in the context of attracting and retaining talent promote your ability, activities and track record in helping your team members to advance in their careers. Today’s job seekers also want to know about your work environment, team member retention activities and outreach into the community and the world at large. Determine what would motivate a talented designer to select your showroom as their place of employment. Enhance existing and develop new efforts that align with the preferences of your team members.

An employer value proposition (EVP) establishes the showroom’s expectations for team member behavior and performance and articulates the rewards that are offered for meeting those expectations. Rewards typically include compensation, professional development opportunities, work/life balance initiatives, advancement opportunities and other programs that benefit your team.  The key to making your EVP an asset for attracting and retaining talent is delivering on the promised benefits if expectations are met and that team believes those benefits are worth their efforts.

Employee experience is the third component of using your brand to attract and retain talent.  What’s the daily routine like at your showroom? Is it positive, rewarding, fun, interesting, mundane?  Happy team members are more productive team members.  Similar to customers who rave about the experience they had with your showroom, happy, satisfied and motivated team members also can be your best brand ambassadors.  

Many reasons a prospective team member uses to select your showroom or pursue another opportunity down the street are out of your control.  However, the advantage you have in a red-hot employee marketplace is to promote your brand’s culture, value proposition and positive team member experiences. 


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