Road Map to Becoming a Great Manager

Road Map to Becoming a Great Manager

Great managers bring out the best in their team members ­– bad managers just the opposite.  A recent study found that 61% of those working for bad managers were seeking alternative employment while only 27% of those working for good managers were looking for new career opportunities.

What are the characteristics of a great manager?

  • Similar to great athletes great managers make their team members better.  Great managers see potential in team members that they might not see in themselves and push them to achieve goals that they otherwise might not believe are achievable.
  • A great manager focuses on the career advancement of their team members as opposed to their own climb up the corporate ladder.
  • Great managers share information that empowers team members to succeed.
  • Great managers hire for corporate culture fit and look at new hires to complement the existing skill set of the team.
  • Great managers compliment their team members often both privately and publicly and understand the importance of recognizing and appreciation the contributions their team members make to achieving team goals.
  • Great managers respect their team members time by showing up for meetings prepared, on time with a specific agenda. 
  • Great managers look through the lens of their team members and can empathize with their challenges.
  • Great managers are accountable for the team’s performance regardless of who may be responsible for an error or problem.  If something fails, great managers believe their lack of leadership and direction was the principle cause of that failure.
  • Great managers recognize that team members have lives outside of the workplace that include family, friends, hobbies and other obligations.  
  • Great managers are great communicators.  They are straight shooters.  They leave no room for ambiguity.  There’s no alternative agenda or need to read between the lines.
  • Great managers create future great managers, by inspiring, coaching and leveraging team members’ strengths.  They provide stretch goals and mentoring to help team members achieve them.

As a manager, which traits do you possess and which ones need more attention?


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