Selling the Invisible

Selling the Invisible

We’ve heard from a number shareholders that lead times are a record lengths. How do you sell a kitchen to a homeowner who wants to renovate when you can’t get the materials needed for the renovation for six months or even longer?  The first and most obvious point is that your supply chain challenges are not unique.  Your customer can’t go somewhere else that can produce more quickly or efficiently than you can. The customer needs to know that and if they are told differently, almost certainly they are not being told the truth.  

You can also soften the blow of supply chain shortcomings by being empathetic while reassuring the prospect that they will have and enjoy the kitchen of their dreams for many years to come.  Purchasing an off-the-shelf solution will not feature all of the storage solutions, the color pallet, the customization that they want and makes a kitchen distinctive and unique to their needs.  

There’s no better time than now to refresh your showroom.  Yes, we know you are slammed.  Homeowners come to your showroom to see, feel and experience what is possible.  If your displays do not reflect the latest and greatest, will your prospect be willing to wait?  How can you assure the prospect that your showroom is worth the wait?  

There’s a natural tendency to cut marketing budgets when you are extremely busy.  Why sell when you can’t fulfill orders?  The key here is to repurpose marketing dollars that will allow you to keep prospects and customers engaged while they wait for products.  Host cooking demonstrations at your showroom, offer educational webinars remotely or in-showroom classes and communicate frequently via social media, eblasts, direct mail or digital ads.  BKBG makes it easy by providing a blog you can use every week.  Other exceptionally effective no-cost-to-Shareholder tools are the BKBG smart buying guides that are customized to reflect your brand.  Keep your prospects and customers in waiting engaged by sending them information how to plan and purchase more intelligently.

Your website is another venue that should be enhanced if it has not been touched for the last several years.  The customer journey for a new kitchen starts at Google.  Your homepage should be as inviting and compelling as your showroom.  Highlight your distinctive competencies, customization capabilities and successful projects with before and after images and customer testimonials.  Offer the smart buying guides on your website that help customers budget, select cabinets, countertops, organization tools, lighting, work with a showroom and prepare for a remodel more easily.  Include videos that walk customers through the renovation process and highlight before and after projects.  

It’s difficult to sell a new kitchen that won’t be delivered for six months or longer.  You can respond to the current market by selling the invisible, serving your clients and prospects in new ways and having a defined plan for engagement, communication and community building that convinces customers that your showroom is worth the wait.


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