The Art of Telling Stories

The Art of Telling Stories

Brandsource founder and best-selling author Don Miller explained why kitchen and bath showrooms need to tell compelling brand stories where the hero is not your company, but the client. Noted marketing author and blogger Bernadette Jiwa points out that most businesses think of story as a way to create and communicate value. However, story needs to move beyond a medium for becoming better known, increasing sales or making more profits. Jiwa notes, “the story, not of what is, but what’s at stake and what could be is what drives our desire to succeed.”

Stories done well explains the differences you make in the lives of your clients. While Macy talks about closing 100 stores because they are no longer economically viable, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is trying to figure out how to make flying cars. Tesla’s Elon Musk is not simply selling electronic cars and looking to harness the power of the sun; his goal is to accelerate the use of sustainable energy and reduce America’s dependence on Middle Eastern fossil fuels.

Telling your story requires explaining why you exist, where you are headed, the values and beliefs that guide your journey and how you will accomplish your goals without compromising your values. Great story-driven businesses such as Tesla and Apple have a purpose,  vision and values that are the foundation for their success. What story do you want to tell that will enable you to quickly adapt in times of change?


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