The Challenge of Reopening

The Challenge of Reopening

Many BKBG Shareholders have reopened their showrooms and are following federal, state and local health agency guidelines to protect their teams and clients. Keeping everyone safe and healthy may involve wearing masks, washing hands, checking temperatures and social distancing for the immediate future and most likely beyond. The challenge for most showrooms is to ensure that guidelines in place are consistently followed. And to be successful, you and your team will need to change your behavior.

Behavioral change begins with accountability. Every team member must understand that they not only have a responsibility to protect themselves, they also have a duty to protect their coworkers and their clients and need to speak up when someone is not following the required protocols. They need to feel comfortable that even if the owner of the business does not follow the rules, they must remind them politely or speak up if anyone else does not abide by standard health and safety protocols.

The challenge of enforcement and accountability easier now because we are not asking for behavioral changes in normal times. Your showroom will be well served by having an all-hands team meeting that reviews safety requirements in the showroom and the field every week until accepted behaviors become second nature.




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