The Most Effective Social Media Posts

The Most Effective Social Media Posts

How can you attract more clients and customers? A simple answer is to communicate with them more effectively. Social media is often a preferred medium of choice for kitchen and bath showrooms to connect with clients and prospects. Four university professors analyzed a brand’s social media messages impact on a company’s most valuable customers and not so loyal customers.

The analysis examined the following five dimensions of brand experience:

  1. Relational social media posts connect customers and prospects with a showroom, encouraging them to take advantage of what the showroom offers with other clients or as part of a tribe of interested consumers.
  2. Intellectual posts prod recipients to engage with the showroom through humor, problem-solving or creativity. This might include ranking the most popular styles of cabinets in your showroom or responding to surveys.
  3. Behavioral social media posts prompt clients and prospects to interact with your showroom in some way. This may be an open house, cooking class, community event, etc.
  4. Sensory posts involve the senses through imagery or unexpected multimedia content.
  5. Emotional social media posts attempt to create moods or feelings among clients and prospects. These may include feel-good stories of actions taken by the showroom to help a client in need.

The research found that intellectual social media posts were more effective with residents who are invested in your community. These are residents who refer friends and coworkers, who may have written a positive review online or participate in most community activities. You can take advantage of intellectual posts by including specific lifestyle content or other posts that require readers to invest time and attention to both produce and consume the content. The goal here is to deepen clients’ relationship with your showroom.

Behavioral posts can be effective in attracting both prospects and existing client attention, but the research found them more productive with prospects. These posts require less time and energy to process and enable prospects to visualize what it is like to work with your showroom on their new kitchen or bath.

Emotional and sensory posts were not effective with either loyal customers or others not entirely vested with the brand. There are too many other social media posts that vie for attention.


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