The Productivity Benefits of Pride

The Productivity Benefits of Pride

Do your team members, at every level of your organization, take pride in what they do? Do they achieve a sense of professional and personal satisfaction from the work that they perform daily? In a recent article, Fast Company founder Bill Taylor opines that if you want your team to elevate their performance, you have to build up their pride. In his book Why Pride Matters More Than Money, Jon R. Katzenbach defines pride as "the relentless pursuit of worthwhile endeavors…Intrinsic price is institution-building when it prompts the kind of effective, customer-focused behaviors," which become competitive difference makers.

Taylor makes the point that being proud of what you do may be most powerful if embraced by front-line employees who rarely spend time in the spotlight. Chip Conley, who built a chain of California boutique hotels, related in his book Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow, that his company built pride among front-line employees by hosting an annual lunch for the hotel's maids and janitorial team members who never get served by anyone else. Mercedes Benz USA provides 20,000 front-line employees, most of whom can't afford a Mercedes, the opportunity to drive a model of their choice for two days to better understand how the car performs and to make their neighbors a little jealous. 

What can you do to recognize and reward your team and develop and promote a culture of pride?


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