Three Keys to Attracting and Retaining Best-In-Class Talent

Three Keys to Attracting and Retaining Best-In-Class Talent

Career, community and cause are the three primary motivators that motivate the 21st century workforce to perform at their bests, concluded a study by Facebook of its team members.

Career relates to a place of employment that provides team members autonomy, enabling staff to use their strengths and provide them opportunities to learn and develop professionally.

Community involves an environment where team members are treated with respect, are cared about and recognized by others. This results in a connection and a feeling of belonging.

Cause relates to demonstrating and explaining what your team does every day makes a positive difference in the lives of your clients. You simply don’t design new kitchens. You improve the quality of your clients’ lives.  The jobs you perform provide professional and personal satisfaction to the team.

The mistake many companies make is that they believe if you offer the team two out of three of your team will be satisfied and you will be viewed as a best-in-class employer. That’s not the case. The Facebook survey found that career, community and cause are equally important to team members regardless of age or place in their careers. This coincides with other studies that have found Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers had the same core work values.

The Facebook and other studies confirm that the secret to motivating the team is to provide opportunities to make a difference, grow and be recognized for the contributions they make to the company and clients.


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