What Drives Customers to Love Your Brand

What Drives Customers to Love Your Brand

Experiences matter. Momentum, an experiential marketing agency, recently surveyed 5,000 consumers around the world and concluded that people value experiences more than they do products. Consumer expectations have changed significantly in the last five years. In 2014, consumers wanted brands to deliver experiences that provided them with something useful, that made their lives easier and delivered a healthy dose of happiness. Today, those experiential requirements remain, but consumer priorities are shifting. Now, consumers desire experiences that provide connection.

The need for connection stems from the perceived lack of transparency in institutions. Trust continues to be the hardest thing for any business to earn. Events such as Facebook’s privacy challenges, the perceived dysfunctionality of government and a rise in hate, all contribute to a feeling of disconnection. As a result, people retreat to their self-made Twitter bubbles, and that results in a rapid rise in loneliness. More than 80% of people believe brands should eliminate stress and anxiety. Today’s consumer wants to be connected. They want experiences that enhance their lives. They want brands to inspire. 

The opportunities for kitchen and bath showrooms include:

  • Inspiring customers in an age of distrust.
  • Connecting customers in a world of division.
  • Helping customers to find meaning or purpose.

If 83% of consumers want brands to eliminate stress and anxiety, what better way to capitalize on the demand than to tout the health and wellness benefits of creating an in-home spa. Showrooms can inspire customers by giving back to the community or holding charitable events around world toilet day (November 19 as designed by the United Nations) to provide toilets and improve sanitation to the 2.4 billion people that currently live without access to a water closet. You can inspire your customers by partnering with a design school and hold a competition to create new vignettes in your showroom. You can connect customers by offering design and renovation seminars or partnering with a local chef to offer cooking classes. You can help your customers find meaning or purpose through joint community outreach. The sky is the limit. Brainstorm with your team to better connect with your customers and your community. 


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