What Is It That You Actually Do?

What Is It That You Actually Do?

If you asked your customers what is it that you actually do, what would they say? If you believe that you provide kitchen design and renovation services, most likely you would be taking a very narrow view of your customer’s perspective. Some may believe that you come to my home, destroy it, leaving me without a place to cook or eat for longer than expected. Others may perceive your services will help create more quality family time, make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable and reduce stress.

There is no doubt that your job is to pleasantly surprise and delight your customers at every phase of their purchasing journey and you know that there is never a project that does not encounter a bump in the road. The lesson is that customers don’t care about what you do. Their focus. Their lens is aimed squarely how you are going to help them do what they want to do. As Bernadette Jiwa brilliantly observed in a recent blog, “People almost never buy the process. They buy the result.” Focus you messaging on what your clients want to be sold


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