What Makes for an Effective Kitchen and Bath Showroom Email?

What Makes for an Effective Kitchen and Bath Showroom Email?

Fifty percent of US consumers cite email as their preferred method of contact from brands, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index. What makes for an effective email from a brick and mortar retailer? It certain is not a discount coupon offer. According to the survey, open rates for discount offers declined from 20 percent in 2017 to 18 percent in 2018. What does work are informative emails.

Consumers want information that makes their journey easier and their buying decisions more informed. Another effective strategy is to send VIP-related emails. They have the highest open rate, averaging 25 percent across all price points. A British retailer sent a VIP email touting a sample sale at the store, which achieved a 60 percent open rate. The retailer sent the same email to different percentages of its email list. The content of the emails was exactly the same. The only difference was the subject line. The email that received the highest open rate was the one that touted VIP status. The less effective email had a subject promoting further reductions. The lesson for kitchen and bath showrooms is to focus marketing efforts on information and education and BKBG has tremendous sources of assistance in its call to action guides. Emails to targeted prospects can offer guidance for budgeting, selecting different products, surviving a renovation and getting the most out of their showroom experience. Use BKBG’s ten Call to Action Guides as part of your email marketing to position yourself as a trusted resource.


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