When the Crystal Ball is On the Fritz

When the Crystal Ball is On the Fritz

There's no guide, standard operating procedures or even experiences that showroom owners can turn to for direction. We know of some owners that have had to take a pay cut, furlough great team members and be the bearer of bad news. Plus, working from home is not easy, especially if your role also includes homeschooling and keeping your kids from bouncing off the walls.

It's easy to be stressed out at a time like this, but don't let it happen. Rich Fernandez is the CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, specializing in mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs. He advises that the most important leadership decision you can make during this crisis is self-compassion. It’s not about being soft or letting things go. It is about empathy and not beating yourself up for everything that is not perfect.

Our crystal balls are on the fritz. We don’t know what is going to happen. We can't predict how many of our customers will return to our showrooms once we become fully operational. We’re not sure of the impact of the economic fallout from this crisis will have on our business. All of this uncertainty causes anxiety and stress. BKBG started the year with a bang. The first-quarter volume was record-setting. We were attracting what we believed would be a record number of best-in-class new Shareholders. Predicting what will come next is next to nearly impossible. However, that will not deter BKBG from staying true to its mission of being a trusted business partner to our Shareholders and Preferred Vendor partners. We continue to help Shareholders grow their business through our business consulting services and data analytics that identify underserved opportunities in select market territories. We continue to help Shareholders keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening through our biweekly Peer Group calls and in our weekly eletter, the Buzz. Fernandez advises not to lose sight of the big picture even though the pursuit of your team's and business goals may have been temporarily put on hold.

Think positively and recognize that your team needs you now more than ever. They need guidance and want reassurance that they continue to contribute meaningfully. Focus on small victories that you and your team can celebrate.

Additionally, remember to take care of yourself. In addition to eating healthy and getting enough sleep, make time to exercise. Noted author Dan Pink offers guidance to motivate yourself. Don’t state that you need to exercise. Instead, say that you get to exercise. When you need or have to do something, it's being forced upon you. When you get to exercise, it is your choice.


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