Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Every week, BKBG’s Buzz includes a blog that shareholders can customize and use as their own to place on their websites, social media platforms or blog site.  A number of BKBG Shareholders take advantage of the service provided by Locallogy that places the BKBG blog for Shareholders for a nominal monthly fee.  Why should you take advantage of this exclusive BKBG Shareholder benefit? 

Author and internationally renowned marketing consultant Mark Schaeffer claims, the “enduring business case for blogging is simple.  Reading is still the preferred way for learn for many people.”  

Another compelling reason is that Gen Z loves to read.   Forbes research found that 35% of Gen Z read more today than they did two years ago, 55% of Gen Zers read every week and 40% read daily.

The business case for blogging is that it improves search engine optimization and the ability of potential customers to find your showroom because search engines direct online researchers to websites that have fresh, relevant content. HubSpot found that websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than sites without blogs.  Locallogy reported that Shareholders who use the BKBG blog get 100% more social media views than those that don’t. 

Blogging is one of the most effective tools to build your showroom’s brand.  You have to create content to be recognized and create emotional connections with your existing and prospective customers. 

Blogs serve as a second landing page for your business on the web.  If your customers and/or team members share your content, anyone who clicks on a link will land on the blog post.  Savvy Shareholders use the space around their blogs to tell visitors what they do, promote their distinctive competencies and answer questions that prospective customers ask most often.

If you want to take advantage of the exclusive benefits BKBG blogging offers or to obtain more information, email Tom Cohn, tcohn@buybkbg.com or email Locallogy, kelly@locallogy.com  


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