Why Sales Are Lost

Why Sales Are Lost

Many BKBG Shareholders complain about the Internet. They believe that the reason most customers don’t buy from their showroom is because their customers can buy for less someplace else. Sales Guru Bob Phelps argues that a lost sale is never about price or the product. A sale is lost because the sales professionals do not allay buyers’ fears. Phelps argues, “When you can remove risk or regret, your shopper is likely to buy.”

Common fears among showroom customers include:

  • I can’t afford the best.
  • I can't determine the best option.
  • The solution does not meet my performance requirements.
  • The solution is a ripoff.

To discover what a customer fears and what they truly value, Phelps reccomends sales professionals set aside any preconceived biases, ask the right questions and actively listen to responses. This will help the sales professional better understand what a customer believes is most important and lays the foundation for building trust and eliminating price as an objection.

Many sales professionals mistakenly believe that consumers have changed. Showroom customers want the same things today and they did 20 years ago. The difference is that access to information and products has never been easier. That does not dismiss the customer’s desire to be understood, to receive the best solutions for their project, to ensure that they receive value and that the person making recommendations for their home truly understands what they want and need.


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