Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

In 2011, Google coined the term, Zero Moment of Truth as the time between a consumer’s first interaction with a brand and the final purchase. If you don’t believe that the customer buying journey has undergone a complete transformation in the last seven years, consider this: consumers review on average 22 sources on information before making a purchase, and that number is more than 40 in categories such as travel and hospitality.

Winning the zero moment of truth involves implementing the guidance Marcus Sheridan provided at the BKBG Annual Conference. You need to answer the questions that customers as most often and provide helpful content that makes the buying journey easier and builds trust with potential customers. This may include the following:

  • Solicit performance and product reviews from customers and distribute those among third-party review sites, e.g. Yelp, Google, Angie’s List and
  • Have your showroom sales staff be brand ambassadors, reviewing products on your web site and offering guidance to make the purchasing and renovation process easier.
  • Be constantly present and relevant by blogging about issues that address customer concerns and issues. BKBG makes it easy because we offer a weekly blog
  • Publish daily social media posts
  • Develop an email marketing newsletter
  • Implement email drip and trigger campaigns
  • Participate in paid social media search ad campaigns

Effective content marketing helps build communities and create brand advocates that result in more sales and higher profitability.


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