Your Competitive Advantage: Curation

Your Competitive Advantage: Curation

Robb Best told us at a recent BKBG Conference that the human brain is only capable of choosing between two options. If you present too three or more, customers' brain will shut down and refuse to make a decision. That's why 30 percent of people who come to a showroom will walk out for the simple reason they have been given too much information. That's why Robb claims that a wall of faucets promotes sensory overload and is one of the worst ways to display products. 

Sensory overload is a compelling reason for a customer to buy from a brick and mortar showroom versus purchasing on the Internet. If you searched for a farmhouse sink on, you would have more than 77,000 choices. How can anyone confidently make a decision when there are more than 77,000 options. And therein lies a brick and mortar showroom's competitive advantage. Curation is a competitive advantage not available online. Showroom sales professionals and showrooms can appeal to a customer's five senses and have the opportunity to determine the best option (not the least expensive) for each client. 

Every time a customer crosses a showroom's threshold, they do so for a reason. They have made an effort to leave the comfort of their phone or home to seek guidance from a professional who should know more than they do. Steve Jobs famously said, "A lot of times people don't know what they want until you show it to them." That's a primary reason why customers come to a showroom so you can show them what they want. 

The same logic applies to the designers and the trades. Imagine the impact you can have by curating the best option for a new project helps a builder to sell homes faster? What are you doing to promote your curation advantages?


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