BKBG Committees

Committees and councils are the lifeblood of BKBG, performing the work of the organization and directing its performance. Committee service offers unique benefits and skills that improve the quality of service and returns provided to BKBG Shareholders and Preferred Vendors. Plus serving on a BKBG Committee earns valuable points toward BKBG Engagement Program rewards. 


Steering Committee

Chair: Frank Morris, Jr.

The primary roles of the Steering Committee are to develop, update and monitor BKBG’s Strategic Plan. 

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Develop the BKBG Strategic Plan that identifies the long-term (3-5 year) direction of BKBG.
  • Identify challenges that will affect long-term direction.
  • Identify new opportunities.
  • Examine member business types and determine new business models that BKBG wants to add.
  • Evaluate how the competitive landscape is changing and develop strategies to assist BKBG Shareholders adapt to maintain competitive advantages and relevancy.
  • Monitor and evaluate technological changes that affect Shareholders and develop recommendations to effectively respond.



Vendor Committee

Co-Chairs: Richard Campbell and Eddie Casanave

The primary responsibilities of the Vendor Committee are:

  • Evaluate potential new vendors
  • Negotiate new vendor programs with staff
  • Identify opportunities for new vendor and vendor programs
  • Negotiate existing vendor contracts with staff
  • Evaluate existing vendor performance
  • Participate in Vendor Face-to-Face meetings
  • Troubleshoot problems with vendors



Membership Committee

Chair: Mike Ferreira

The BKBG Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and recommending updates to Shareholder requirements for Board review and approval.
  • Establishing and approving Shareholder application processes and documents.
  • Reviewing and approving Shareholder applications.
  • Monitoring performance of current BKBG Shareholders that may not meet minimum purchase or other Shareholder requirements and make recommendations to the Board for potential actions as appropriate.



Conference Committee

Chair: Eddie Casanave

The primary responsibilities of the Conference Committee are:

  • Select a theme for the conference
  • Identify peer-to-peer roundtable discussion topics
  • Provide input for educational tracks at the Conference or kitchen and bath programs at the Remodelers Summit
  • Provide input for Shareholder and Vendor meeting content and format
  • Provide input for the presentation of networking events that include Tours, Awards Banquet, Receptions, and other BKBK sponsored activities.
  • Provide guidance to staff to help deliver more value to Shareholders and Vendors from their conference participation.
  • Help recruit sponsors.
  • Help obtain conference specials.
  • Review the results of Conference surveys and make recommendations for improvements


Nominating Committee

Chair: Frank Morris, Jr.

The primary responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are:

  • The Nominating Committee is charged with selecting potential candidates to fill vacated positions mid-term
  • The Board has the authority to reject an individual nomination or the entire Nominating Committee slate



Committee Chairs

Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell
Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center
Vendor Committee Co-Chair
Frank Morris
Frank Morris
President Granite State Cabinetry
Steering and Nominating Committee Chair
Eddie Casanave
Eddie Casanave
Distinctive Remodeling, Inc.
Conference Committee Chair/Vendor Co-Chair
Michael Ferreira
Michael Ferreira
Owner Thomas Michael Design Studio
Membership Committee Chair