Vendor Value Proposition 

BKBG helps grow its Preferred Product Partners’ businesses by pinpointing opportunities for its Product Partners with the following initiatives:

  1. BKBG actively assists Preferred Product Partners to obtain improved placement and share position within BKBG’s 150+ member showrooms. BKBG identifies interests and opportunities, provides warm leads to a partner's sales team, and paves the way for the Product Partner or Partner’s rep to connect with BKBG dealers. 

  1. BKBG consults with its showrooms to improve their business operations and develop growth plans.  This results in a stronger customer base for showrooms and creates growth opportunities for BKBG Preferred Product Partners. 

  1. BKBG performs trade area assessments that help showrooms understand their market’s needs and identify opportunities to grow BKBG Product Partners’ market share. 


  1. BKBG’s Strategic Partnership with Remodelers Advantage offers significant bottom-line improvement and operation educational resources to BKBG showrooms through the BKBG Resources Center.

  1. The BKBG Designer Alliance provides Product Partnres with access to more than 400 designers working in BKBG showrooms who specify BKBG preferred partners' products daily.
To apply to become a BKBG preferred product partner, contact Sheri Gold at 770-870-9620, email or click join at the top of the screen.