BKBG is led by the highly effective partnership between staff and the Board of Directors.  The primary roles of BKBG leaders are to protect Shareholder assets, ensure that Shareholders receive an equitable return on their investment and provide programs and benefits that can help both Shareholders and Product Partners grow their businesses.


  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore
    Sea Pointe Construction
  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell
    Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center
    First Vice President
  • Eddie Casanave
    Eddie Casanave
    Distinctive Remodeling, Inc.
    Vice President
  • Pete Ciarlante
    Pete Ciarlante
    Owner Weiler's Kitchen & Bath Design Center
    Secretary Treasurer
  • Frank Morris
    Frank Morris
    President Granite State Cabinetry
    Immediate Past President
  • Elizabeth Nairn
    Elizabeth Nairn
    General Manager, Master Designer Cabinet-S-Top
    Past President
  • Nancy Muller
    Nancy Muller
    President CR Cabinetry Inc
    Ex - Officio


  • Thomas Caruso
    Thomas Caruso
    Owner/President Caruso Cabinets
  • Jeremy Curran
    Jeremy Curran
    Owner Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath, LLC
  • Kaity Slaughter
    Kaity Slaughter
    Owner DCI Home Resource
  • Justin Workman
    Justin Workman
    Owner Classic Cabinetry
  • Jill Wright
    Jill Wright
    Contractors Building Supply
  • Jason Price
    Jason Price
    CEO Kitchen & Bath Design of Colorado, LLC
  • Gladys Schanstra
    Gladys Schanstra
    Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio
  • Michael Ferreira
    Michael Ferreira
    Owner Thomas Michael Design Studio


  • Tom Cohn
    Tom Cohn
    Bath & Kitchen Business Group
    Executive Vice President
  • Jennifer Swenson
    Jennifer Swenson
    Bath & Kitchen Business Group
    Executive Director
  • Carolyn Block
    Carolyn Block
    Bath & Kitchen Business Group
  • Claudia Reyes
    Claudia Reyes
    Bath & Kitchen Business Group
    Financial Director
  • Taylor Curran
    Taylor Curran
    Bath & Kitchen Business Group
    Marketing Specialist