An Introduction to AI

BKBG Business Blog,

Artificial Intelligence is top of mind in almost every kitchen and bath showroom as owners and leaders look to leverage this new technology to create new and maintain existing competitive advantages, improve productivity and enhance performance.  There is a wide range of AI adoption among BKBG Shareholders.  If you don’t know where to begin, Fast Company recently offered free tools to help start your AI education. 

Codeacademy offers a number of free introduction to Generative AI and other courses.

edX offers a free introduction to ChatGPT.  

LinkedIn and Microsoft also offer free AI training through a series of courses that teach the core concepts of AI and generative AI functionality.

Coursera’s Generative AI for Everyone is another great introduction to learn how to use AI and how to build effective prompts that makes your job easier. 

The University of Pennsylvania’s free AI For Business Specialization Course teaches the fundamentals of AI and machine learning and helps businesses develop a deployment strategy for incorporating AI, ML and Big Data into a business.