How To Better Work A Room

BKBG Business Blog,

Do you wonder why some people find networking easy and comfortable while others struggle to make connections? Part of the reason why many people find it difficult to network at business meetings, conferences or social engagements is that the human brain can only process a certain amount of information at once.  When you are in a room with a majority of people that you don’t know, you tend to stereotype those around you and make quick judgments.  Before meeting someone, you may determine you don’t like them or they might not be your type and then you will look for signs that support your opinion.  You can avoid this type of confirmation bias by establishing goals you want to achieve at any event.  

If you are meeting someone for the first time, focus on that person and look for something that you find interesting during the course of your conversation.  When you are curious, it becomes easier to connect with others.  A second technique to improve your networking skills is to be positive.  Third, recognize that most people enjoy talking about themselves.  Give them to opportunity to do so by taking an interest in what they do and what they say.  Be curious.  Listen intently and avoid the typical questions such as what do you do, or where are you from?  Instead, ask what they like about their job or where they live or what they like to do when they are not working.  Making the conversation about the other person allows you to be more focused and interesting.