The Right Type of Recognition

BKBG Business Blog,

Team member satisfaction and showroom loyalty are affected more by a showroom’s reward system than their daily work output. Team member rewards in a showroom typically include promotions, bonuses, pay increases, new opportunities and recognition.  Team members want to know what they need to do to advance in the career ladder and receive merit pay increases.  They need to see the connection between the quality of their work and their ability to advance, increase their compensation and receive meaningful feedback from their managers or owner.  

Giving a prized project to a team member is another form of recognition that also sends a signal that the team member is being groomed for future leadership roles in the showroom.  An opportunity to meet with a prized client has the same effect.  For reward and recognition programs to be effective, they need to be viewed in the context of career advancement and compensation growth.  Otherwise awards and recognition won’t seem sincere.  

Look through the lens of your team members. If raises are only given annually and promotions typically only occur once every three years, how does your team realize or are given positive signs that they are on the right track?  You can congratulate individuals for jobs well done.  However, those words might have a fleeting positive effect.  A better form of recognition is to engage with higher-profile projects and clients.  That sends the message that the team member’s contributions are recognized and appreciated by showroom leadership